Houston Based Musician, DJ And Producer Alawn Shares His Thoughts On Cyberbullying And Why Social Media Is A Blessing!


You’ve worked with some massive artists including Flo Rida and Gucci Mane. Tell us more about your work in the music industry.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of artists in many different ways from songwriting to producing, mixing and mastering.
More recently, I’ve been working on developing artists with large social media followings to help them cross over into the traditional music space. Working closely with major labels that want to champion digital stars has been a great new experience as a record producer and one that we see instant instant traction on due to their millions of fans which keeps it fun and exciting!

Have you ever been targeted with online abuse?

Fortunately I have not.

What do you think can or should be done to reduce the amount of cyberbullying and digital abuse?

It’s great that charities like Cybersmile want to partner with ambassadors in the influencer space to convey such an important message. Raising awareness that there is help our there is in my opinion the best place to start.

What advice would you give to somebody being harassed or abused online?

I think it’s important to tell your trusted friends and family, talk about it, and if you don’t feel like you can, there are many hotlines that will provide support free of charge to help you through a difficult moment.
It’s important to stay focused on what what makes you happy and not value too much the negativity of others.

What would you say to somebody that thinks cyberbullying or online abuse is a joke?

That would be a very naive mentality to have and it’s very difficult to understand it unless you’re experiencing it or know someone who has been.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Instagram because it gives me the possibility to share my life in a creative way by telling the story of my journey through images and videos. It also makes it very easy to interact with your fans.

Do you think social media is a blessing or a curse?

Most definitely a blessing! For the first time in history people all around the world can interact with each other instantly, talents can be discovered, you can learn new things, and the opportunities are limitless!

Posted by Alawn on Friday, December 15, 2017

Why do you think cyberbullying and abuse has become such a big online problem?

As online numbers grow, the amount of bullies in the space will eventually grow too.
The principal of a positive thing having its pitfalls is seen not only online but in all things in life. We can try our best to prevent cyberbullying just as we can try to prevent climate change but it’s gonna take a constant group effort from all of us to really make a difference.

What advice would you have for somebody who wants to get involved in the music industry and is worried about sharing their content in case of ridicule and abuse?

Be confident in your art and who you are. Know that practice makes perfect, so keep going until the positivity outweighs the negativity. Be optimistic and know that if I can do it, so can you!

Do you have a favorite mantra or positive term that you use to motivate yourself?

When I lived in Paris, I had a vision board on the wall with pictures of all the things I dreamed of having one day, reminding me everyday how hard I had to work if I wanted to live in America and work as a record producer in the music industry. It’s important to have symbols or objects that work for you, that inspire you to achieve more.

What are you up to for the rest of 2018? Anything that you’d like to share?

I’m currently working with some really exciting acts as a producer/writer, I will also be putting a lot of focus through my solo career, I will be releasing a string of new singles and remixes through 2018!