Cybersmile and Urban Decay Team Up with 3x World Champion Swimmer Anastasia Pagonis to Stop Cyberbullying

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Author: SCD Team
June 16, 2023

Cybersmile and Urban Decay have teamed up with three-time world swimming champion Anastasia Pagonis to help stop cyberbullying and make the internet a kinder place through the ongoing ONLINE BULLYING HURTS IRL initiative which has been positively impacting internet users since 2021.

The collaboration features a powerful call-to-action video series starring Pagonis as the latest installment of Cybersmile and Urban Decayʼs long standing partnership. Pagonis, 19, who lost her sight at age 14 as the result of an autoimmune disease, shares her personal experience with bullying and outlines four simple steps anyone can take to combat “trolls” in the campaign video.

Subsequent films provide more in-depth details about how to stop hate and spread love on social media.

“Losing my vision was hard enough and itʼs even worse when people online accuse me of lying about it. Negative energy belongs in the trash – not in our feeds.”

Anastasia Pagonis

ONLINE BULLYING HURTS IRL has already started to kick off on Urban Decayʼs social media channels with Cybersmile Mondays, a mental health initiative from the brand centered around digital wellbeing. Through social content, Urban Decay will speak to their audience through organic content showcasing acts and words of kindness. In addition, to continue providing vital resources and support to its community and beyond, the beauty brand is also making a $75,000 donation to Cybersmile. This pledge marks three years of partnership and a total contribution of $300,000 to the organization.

“Weʼve always championed individuality at Urban Decay and believe that everyone should be able to freely express their authentic selves online without being subject to abuse. We are thrilled to have someone as dynamic, determined, and accomplished as Anastasia joining us on our mission to end cyberbullying and create safe digital spaces for all.”

Eva Erdmann, President, Urban Decay Global

Since 2021, Urban Decay has worked alongside Cybersmile to develop free educational materials and provide assistance to victims of online bullying and their families.

“We are extremely proud to be working alongside Anastasia as part of our long-term partnership with Urban Decay. She is a powerful, inspiring and authentic advocate for kindness and empathy – all of which align perfectly with our organizational mission and values.”

Laura Lewandowski, Chief Policy Officer, The Cybersmile Foundation