Yoola is a creator-to-consumer media and development company, and a YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) ranked in the top 5 most viewed globally with more than 8 billion monthly views. Yoola works with international creators and brands, providing them tools and services to develop, grow, and commercialize new and existing content, products, events and experiences.

Yoola was founded in 2011 by Artyom (Arik) Geller, Michael Shaposhnikov, Alexander Shaposhnikov and Ilan Troyanovsky, originally focused on creating a single content channel focused on fashion and lifestyle. After gaining viewership, Yoola shifted to become an MCN, working with and managing various other content channels.

Yoola’s CEO, Eyal Baumel, was previously co-founder of Bites, a voting-based participation platform that served more than 1 billion questions; created by Fox Sports, Miami Heat, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Linkin Park, and VegasInsider, as well as influencers such as Justin Bieber, Usher, and Ariana Grande via the Bkstg app, and international TV shows like Master Chef and Big Brother.

Yoola has offices in Los Angeles, Beijing, Haifa, Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow.