• Web-Purify-Stop-Cyberbullying-Day-2019


    WebFurther, LLC is a digital media supply chain services company founded in 2006 in Irvine, California. WebFurther is an industry leader, specializing in content moderation and categorization, image and video meta tagging, live video stream monitoring, product review curation, and community guideline enforcement, protecting brands and users from the many risks associated with user generated content. Designed for scalable high volume content review, WebPurify offers 24/7 live moderation teams in addition to advanced artificial intelligence solutions. With over a decade of experience, we draw from our expansive moderation tools and knowledge to create the most effective moderation program for your specific brand needs.

  • Two Hat Security

    Two Hat Security empowers gaming and social platforms to foster healthy online communities. Companies across the globe use our enterprise-level content filter and automated moderation tool Community Sift to prevent cyberbullying, abuse, child exploitation, and more on their platforms.

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