DJ Many Shares His Thoughts On Cyberbullying And Why It Is Definitely Not A Joke


Have you personally been abused online, If so, how did or do you deal with it?

I’ve had people try to stalk me, trying to find my address and all of that. How do I deal with it? I think for that stuff you have to ignore it. You really can’t do anything about it and you can spend all day responding to those messages. The most personal abuse I have gotten online was recently from someone I know, I tried to call them up and find out what was going on but they never answered. Thoughtful communication can fix a lot of things if people just answered and listen.

What would you say to somebody who thinks cyberbullying or online abuse is a joke?

The funny thing about it is that people think that it’s a joke but that’s just the beginning it starts online but it can evolve into other areas of life.

Why do you think cyberbullying and online abuse have become such a big problem?

Because everyone is online these days. Back in the day it used to be in person but now everyone is online so everything has progressed to the internet.

What do you think can or should be done to reduce the amount of cyberbullying and digital abuse in the world?

That’s a tricky question! My best response to that is that people should just love each other more. That is the solution to a lot of the problems in society.

What advice would you give to somebody being affected by cyberbullying or online abuse?

You have to know yourself better to know that these things people say about you are not factual at all – and they are going to try to use anything against you, and the reason why they try that is they see you’re doing better than them.

How do you think long term online abuse affects people’s mental health?

It’s definitely not good at all. It’s just as if someone was right there physically abusing you. It’s almost the same. People try to say that it’s different, but it’s really not. Any negative interaction is a bad interaction.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Twitter of course! I would be nothing – my career would be nothing without Twitter. The Donny Osmond song is a testament to that. The song with Donny Osmond would have never happened without Twitter.

Do you think social media is a blessing or a curse?

It’s both! The blessing is the curse.

What advice would you have for somebody who wants to be an artist or performer online and is worried about sharing their content?

You’re going to have to share your content. You’re going to have to create. It doesn’t happen overnight. A lot of people think this happens really simply but it’s not like that. You really have to do a lot of work and you’re getting into a really oversaturated market. A lot of people are doing the same thing so you need to stand out, and be yourself.

Who do you look up to in the industry or do you have a favorite mentor?

I feel like Kanye West is probably one of the best people. He gets cyberbullied 24/7 and he’s not allowed to have an opinion. People want him not to have an opinion different to others and that’s why he’s cyberbullied. I can relate to what he’s doing. And that’s another thing about bullying is you have to see every perspective.

Have you got anything exciting planned that we should look out for?

I have more new music and a music video on the way. I just released a new song this month and it’s called “From Me.” you can get it on iTunes and Spotify. Here is the link: